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How does it work

Traders on our platform will be able to place orders for a wide range of tokens in various
SOC trading contracts.

All trades are recorded into a Smart Option Contract (SOC). All SOC trades will automatically execute if the floor or ceiling price is reached anytime during the trade contract or at the expiry of the SOC.

When predetermined conditions are met, Bitfair will trigger and execute the trade. Funds will then be distributed to the profitable trader.

Why trade on Bitfair

1000X Leverage

Bitfair is a new and exciting platform for all serious crypto traders that eliminates the problem associated with simultaneous trading within the market. Overcoming the inherent flaws of traditional trading using an asset exchange, traders will have the ability to profit from any price movement in their favorite cryptocurrency, be it uptick or downtick price fluctuations. Bitfair provides the platform to open short or long position orders for a range
of tokens at an astonishing 1000x leverage – 10 times higher than most leveraged exchanges - without requiring a centralized broker.

OTC - Peer to peer trading

Profit during price fluctuations of your favorite cryptocurrency - be it up or down
price movement.

Smart Option Contract (SOC)

The final trade results are timestamped
and then published in a Smart
Option Contract (SOC).

Immutable Proof

SOC result and details is recorded and accessible through a public
blockchain explorer.

Token Sale

Bitfair Exchange Token (XBF)

Bitfair is offering to potential users of its platform the right to pre-purchase their own Bitfair utility token. This token will be tradable on
Bitfair's own exchange and others. It will be required to pay all SOC fees on the Bitfair platform in XBF tokens with
50% of the XBF tokens burned, by the platform, during any trade executed on Bitfair.

Token Distribution


Allocation Priority


Our Timeline

With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones our community can look forward to:


The Team

The Bitfair Team has the perfect combination of experienced individuals in all areas required for the platform to be a success.

van der Spuy

Thomas van der Spuy

Co-Founder of Bitfair & CEO

Thomas has several years’ business experience at top level management.

He co-founded Callpay in 2014 which is currently negotiating an acquisition.

He holds both a B.Compt Accounting and LLB Law degree from the University of South Africa.

He is excited about Bitfair and also deeply invested – he has locked his founder’s tokens with a long-term view.

Business Management
Business strategy
van der Spuy

Greg van der Spuy

Co-Founder of Bitfair & COO

Greg is not related to Thomas.

He is a well-established tech investor and entrepreneur.

With a coding background and introduction to Bitcoin in 2011, Greg instantly fell inlove with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He is one of the co-founders of Affinity Mining, successfully mining cryptocurrency in Iceland for thousands of Investors.

Greg is currently the CTO of Affinity Mining Ecosystem.

Strategic Planning
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Devonne Burger

CTO & Architect of Bitfair

He was the architect of the Callpay platform.

As CTO, Devonne was responsible for the development of the Callpay platform from the ground up, becoming the first platform globally to achieve the Level 1 PCI-DSS v3.0 certification from MasterCard and VISA.

Today, Callpay is a leading provider of various payment methods in Turkey and South Africa, processing billions in payments annually.

Systems Architecture & Design
Research & Development
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Linda Botha

Chief Marketing Officer at Bitfair

Linda is a web psychologist with a natural instinct for growth.

She is the founder of Scarlets Web, one of South Africa’s leading online marketing companies. After five successful years running Scarlets Web, Linda became a supplier of cryptocurrency mining hardware to the South African market.

Marketing Research
Chief Design Officer (CDO)

Jacques Lazarus

Chief Design Officer (CDO)

Jacques started as a Senior UX/UI Designer at SQIM for the DevOps department.

He is responsible for overseeing all design and innovation aspects of Bitfair’s products and services, including product design, graphic design, user experience design.

He specialises in building Desktop, Mobile/Web Based Applications, Websites, Prototypes and Brand Design.

Jacques is excited to impress the Bitfair community.

UX/UI Design
Senior Frontend & Backend Developer

Charl Crowie

Senior Backend/Fronted Developer

Charl started as a developer at Double Eye before joining Callpay. As a solutions architect, Charl has gained years of experience working under extreme system pressures.

Charl is responsible for developing Bitfair and delivering a world class solution to the commuity.

Web Development
Mobile Development
Senior DevOps and Network Engineer

Stelio Gouveia

Senior DevOps and Network Engineer at Bitfair

Stelio studied Computing and Information Technology at The London Metropolitan University and is currently the CTO at Under the Influence.

He was one of the earliest believers of Bitcoin and today considers himself a global citizen.

Stelio designed the Bitfair platform foundation to ensure its scalability.

Systems Design
Web Development
van Niekerk
Investor Relations

Amae van Niekerk

Investor Relations at Bitfair

Amae has a corporate background as an account executive with public relations experience.

Amae gained extensive experience in cryptocurrency as Corporate Sales Representative at Affinity Mining and now joins Bitfair to manage investor relations.

She looks forward to working closely with our community

Marketing Coordinator

Magdel Steyn

Marketing Coordinator at Bitfair

Magdel has a thorough understanding and knowledge of radio and marketing.

As owner of her own media company, She joins Bitfair to manage marketing relations and promote the XBF token.

Magdel welcomes the Bitfair community to reach out to her with any marketing ideas or opportunities.

Public Relations
Event Management

The Advisory Board

Full-time Crypto Trader
CEO of Foregenix
Co-founder of Esset Southern Africa and 4di Capital
Director of Vertex Global Wealth
van der Spuy
CO-founder of Bitcoin Origin
DR Antonie
Financial Engineer

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve have answered some frequently asked
questions from the community.

Who can participate in the Bitfair pre-sale?

The Bitfair Pre-Sale starts 9 July 2018 and is open to the community. Unfortunately, XBF tokens will not be sold to citizens of Cuba, Syria, North Korean and Mainland China. We can also not offer tokens to citizens and residents of the USA. Only US accredited investors can participate in our Pre-Sale. US residents can however participate in our Airdrop campaigns.

Assuming no bonus coins, what is the effective value of XBF token at ICO?

The price of a single XBF token is $0.05 and will be listed on the Bitfair Exchange at $0.50.

When will Bitfair be on other exchanges to trade?

Bitfair will have its own Exchange and offer ETH/XBF trades. The team has also confirmed Bancor, Etherdelta and HitBTC. We are also in discussions with other major asset exchanges and expect more listings.

What is the difference between Bitfair and any other Online Trading platforms that support BTC buy and sell?

Bitfair is an Over the Counter Exchange for derivatives trading. All orders are OTC with limited margin requirement and capital exposure. Bitfair’s matching algorithm ensures that each order is matched peer-to-peer with another order. By eliminating the Broker risks of low liquidity and high volatility, Bitfair will offer trading opportunities on a wide range of altcoins that cannot be offered by any other platform. This will allow traders to profit during up or down price movements of their favourite cryptocurrency.

Will Bitfair have markets for every single altcoin or will this be limited?

Bitfair will offer trade opportunities on a variety of tokens at launch. The Exchange will provide traders with the ability to open orders for the top 100 altcoins as liquidity increases.

Is there a cap on the SOC fee?

The Smart Option Contract fee is 1% of the required margin and 50% of this fee is always burned by Bitfair resulting in an ever decreasing supply of XBF tokens.

Does Bitfair have a secure Wallet to deposit ETH, BTC, XRP, LTC?

Bitfair will launch with secure ETH wallet. The team has integrated the Kraken Exchange and will soon list a wide range of various deposit methods with the launch of the Bitfair Asset Exchange with no-fees to XBF token holders.

How does Bitfair process withdrawals?

All withdrawals is instant in ETH. Bitfair will top up it's withdrawal wallet 3 times per day. We also aim to accept and offer withdrawals on various other tokens with the launch of our Asset Exchange in beginning of 2019.

Will there be any trade limits?

No, any trader can open as many orders as he or she wants. All matched orders will require the margin for that trade to be blocked on Bitfair during the trading contract.

Do you need to own the Altcoins that you trade with?

Bitfair is an OTC derivative exchange with the underlying financial contract being an option. All options are settled by Bitfair and does not require the underlying token.

Will the platform be running 24/7?


Do I pay any fees if my position does not execute when it’s not matched with another trader?

No fees is required or payable on orders. Fees will only be paid when an order is matched.

Stop Function - Is this guaranteed on the price set?

Due to the financial contract of Bitfair, all orders will execute at a predetermined price or at the expiry of the trading contract.

Will the platform have Two-Factor Authentication?

Yes, two factor authentication is available and highly recommended.

Why does half of the XBF tokens collected through SOC fees, get burned?

This is basic cryptoeconomics ensuring a greater return for our community members. By constantly burning the tokens, with traders requiring XBF to execute trades, the token will steadily keep rising in value. Traders pay the current fee in XBF tokens, calculated in $usd and will not be affected by this rise in price.

Will there be liquidity on Bitfair exchange on the day it goes live?

Yes, we have secured buying liquidity on launch including a market maker and all traders will require XBF tokens to execute trades from the first day.

Will my sign-up bonus coins be paid to my Bitfair exchange wallet?

That is correct. All airdrop tokens will be distributed to your Bitfair wallet.

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